Bioconversion utilizes specially adapted species to sustainably manage waste in a manner that does not create pollution or take a lot of space, time or energy. One of the products created using this system is nutrient and microbially-rich compost, which can be put back into the food production system and help eliminate our reliance on chemical fertilizers. Clean, natural and renewable!

We are taking vegetable and animal waste from farms, restaurants and schools and turning it into livestock feed and compost. This process closes the cycle of waste production and keeps digestible waste from taking up space in landfills, enabling communities to choose a sustainable waste management strategy. Value chain? Value loop!

Our all-natural, high-protein Black Soldier Fly larvae are a perfect source of nutrients for omnivorous livestock. Think chicken, pigs and fish! In their natural environments, they use insects and grubs as a part of a diverse diet. We're just bringing them what they're meant to eat.