About Us

Hermetica Bioconverisons draws its name from a series of ancient Egyptian-Greek texts (called the “Hermetica“), which documents the teachings of mystical alchemist Hermes Trismegistus. Just like alchemy transmutes mundane items into items of great value (like lead to gold), Hermetica transmutes manure, food scraps and other organic wastes into high value end products. The name Hermetica is also inspired by the scientific name for the Black Soldier Fly: Hermetia illucens. The larval stage of the Black Soldier Fly, pre-metamorphosis, has a voracious appetite for organic waste, reducing organic waste volume by more than 80%, which is the key to Hermetica Bioconversion’s particular brand of alchemy.

Anywhere you have people, you must have food, and all the byproducts and scraps that come with food preparation. Organic waste can come from restaurants, schools, hospitals, or regular homes. Even farms, the places where all of our food comes from, have their own forms of organic waste.

We stress bioconversion because we believe in the power of letting species do what they have evolved to do. Why create a labor intensive composting regimen, that requires certain water, aeration, and lots of space and time, when you can simply let nature do what nature does best? We’re even using the leftovers from our BSFL bioreactors. It is rich in cellulose and provides a perfect substrate for red worms (Eisenia fetida) to thrive, further converting the residue into vermicompost, a nutrient-rich probiotic soil amendment. By smartly applying nature’s workers to use their natural instincts and abilities, Hermetica aims to revolutionize the waste management industry.

Our goal is to take large amounts of this waste and create a large-scale, biological system where organic waste from various sources comes in, and all-natural livestock feed and soil amendments come out. Omnivores such as poultry and swine (and even humans!) are perfectly suited for using BSFL as nutritious sources of energy and protein.

So why would we let perfectly good organic waste go to landfills, when we could put it back into a system that adds value to our food production economy and returns nutrients where they ought to be?

Let’s make a better world and a better future. Hermetica is ready.